Me And My Drummer. Have you already heard about the duo? It's a German band made up of a girl and her drummer, simple as that. Their debut album "The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey" takes you to a 40-minute journey to a pure dream pop land, filled with powerful percussions and delicate vocals. The lyrics are sang with great diction, the melodies are easy to follow and are therefore an absolute aural delight. 

In order for non-English speaking bands to be heard and reach the audience outside of their respective countries, they need to have some kind of tangible, universal sound. Unsurprisingly, such musical objective is usually met when a band writes and plays songs in English. In this regard, Me And My Drummer were lucky, because they obtained international recognition shortly after their formation. The band released its first single "You're A Runnner" in January of 2012, which is a clear-cut English-pop inspired hit.

I had the chance to make a short interview with Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs and words can't express how excited I am for the actual gig this Friday! Want to hear what we talked about? Keep on scrollin' ...

Hey Charlotte and Matze, how're you doing? Would you mind introducing yourselves?

Hey! We are Me And My Drummer, a dream pop band from Berlin, Germany. 

What have you been doing before this band came to its realization?

We worked together at a theatre in Matzes hometown in Southern Germany. Before that I (Charlotte) had studied various things in various cities and we both had bands since we were kids. 

OK, one could assume you two are lovers (I admit it, I thought about it too, hee hee). Has your friendship made it easier for you to work and create together? How do your characters complement each other?

I think it's like in every factory or company; you have your team and you grow with the project constantly to different levels that you haven't apply for in the first place :). But we allow crisis and moods and try to grow and represent the music that we believe in, in the best way we can. We are lucky that we found each other. 

What kind of feelings are you striving to evoke in your listeners?

Oh, I don't think that we are striving to evoke anything! I want to take the people to a journey into my head and then see how my thoughts resonate in others. We want to make a true connection with people, which is always risky, but that's the beauty of it. 

Your music can be characterized as ferociously strong, but at the same time smooth and delicate. How do you combine those two aspects in the final make?

These are the two sides of every personality, I guess. We don't emphasize them intentionally. These are maybe just the two medal sides of our characters that we want to live on the stage. 

Since lots of critics classify your music as a dream-pop genre - what inspires you lyrics? Emotions, big life events, provocative or political topics? Anything else?

It's much to do with society and how we're still not focusing on the healthy things. Then, of course, I tell stories that I have to get rid of my system; about pain that I experienced, about pain that others have experienced, or pain that either me or others sometimes only think about. And then it's just poetry sometimes. Loose and subconscious and inspired by strong moments. 

How do you write lyrics, or in other words, what's your writing process like?

Sometimes I get  up in the middle of the night to write a certain thought down. I draw a whole concept in my head that only has to be delivered. It's various. And the songs are the bosses, not me. 

What was your break through moment? Can you describe your journey to getting signed by the Sinnbus record company?

Break through, we didn't have that yet. You speak of breaking through when you are on a level of success and can live from what you do for the next couple of years, I would say. Before we met Sinnbus, we basically did everything on our own, we recorded two awful EP's, made the artwork for them and Matze booked us shows. Then, we moved to Berlin and made a showcase in a club called "Schokoladen" where we invited Sinnbus. And that was where it all begin. 

Last year you released your debut album "The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey". Can you tell us something about its conception and production? What message (or feelings) did you wish to convey to your audience? 

Basically, it was a very typical debut record, because we wanted to get topics out of our system and we also had some very old tunes that I wrote when I was about 18 years old or something. So the bunch of songs on the CD is quite colourful. Every song has its own message, it's very much about death and depression and in the end it all dissolves into beauty. 

Your main stage instrument are drums and keyboard. Do you ever plan to expand your repertoire of instruments?

Of course! We are working on that one. 

Who are your idols (not necessary music-wise)?

We admire every artist that stays true to him or herself, who travels the journey as a whole, who wouldn't give in and who would always question him or herself during that road trip that we call "life". To drop some names: Thom Yorke, Björk, Joan As Policewoman, Madonna, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Micachu and the Shapes, James Blake, Beach House, Michael Foucault, Simone de Beauvoir, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith ... 

Can you share some of your plans for the next couple of years?

A next album that we both are excited to listen to!

Thanks so much for your time, I hope you'll enjoy Slovenia!

Thank you too! 

I've listened to their album over and over again and it still feels as fresh as it did in the first few days (OK, I've listened to it multiple times per day without interruptions). Without sounding cheap it can be catchy, and without being trite it can be utterly emotive. Producing an album that swells like this is a real achievement for a duo, and it's definitely a contender for album of the year.

My Slovenian readers can check out Me And My Drummer on 6th of September at Kino Šiška. You can also check out their gigs schedule via their webpage.



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