Lately I've been embracing the green lifestyle more than ever. I guess, as Garance likes to say, the little Gwyneth Paltrow part of me has awakened (btw, have you seen her newest cooking book? It's amazeballs). The biggest motivator is my friend Jana (check out her blog), who always introduces me to new, über-cool green cosmetic brands and showers me with tips about healthy food. She was also the first who presented me to the lovely green beauty brand Mu London. Of course I was immediately interested, how could I not be?!

MuLondon is an award-winning London based brand who makes hand-made products from pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. Their products contain no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances. Instead, pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used for a divine scent and gentle preservation. I'm hooked ever since I've tried their "Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary" moisturizer. So, without further ado, I want to introduce you to the main man behind MuLondon who's responsible for creating this pure skincare with an unbelievable passion and drive. Say hello to Boris, the warmest and kindest cream whipper I know. I always wanted to have a little chat with a proper beautician and I'm most delighted that it finally happened.

Hi Boris, how're you doing?

Hi there! I'm great, how about you?

I'm great, thanks. What inspired you to start your organic beauty product line?

I have always been interested in the natural way of life. My skin is dry and very sensitive, so I was constantly on the lookout for natural and cruelty-free products. I could not really find any that satisfied my strict requirements: no animal testing or ingredients, no preservatives, chemicals or other junk - yet mild and effective. So I decided to start making my own skin lotions many years ago, initially just for me and my friends. Encouraged by the results and the feedback, I turned my passion for natural products and my need for pure and mild skincare into MuLondon. 

Why did you decide for natural/organic skincare?

I'm a big proponent of natural ingredients, so this was a no-brainer for me. I have always thought that conventional skincare products are packed with way too many chemicals, and I wanted my business to follow my personal beliefs. 

Are you "organic" in your personal life as well? Does the green approach also affect your food and fashion choices?

Indeed - I buy organic fruit & vegetables when possible. Getting organic clothing made from all-natural materials is still not as easy as eating organic, but things are slowly changing, which is a good thing. It's almost an impossible mission trying to live 100% green, but every small choice helps. I avoid purchasing products from companies that are unethical and that still test on animals, or companies that support GM (i.e. genetically modified) productions. There are so many good companies out there, and I'd rather support them.

What are the benefits of using organic products on our skin?

Just like eating organic food, using organic skincare products means that the ingredients used to make them are grown without the use of GM, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. These nasties can enter our bodies through the food we eat and the products we use, and cause all kinds of problems. So, health is one aspect of it - but what's even more important to me is supporting environmentally and animal friendly farming methods by choosing organic. They are kinder and more compassionate to the world we live in. 

These days there are new all-natural skincare lines arriving on the market everywhere we look. What differentiates your skincare line from others?

MuLondon is a truly natural skincare range. While, as you say, there are a number of lines on the market that claim they are natural - as there is no legal definition of that word, some of them use sneaky, paraben-laden ingredients like the Japanese Honeysuckle, or they add other preservatives to their products. Other use animal ingredients like honey, beeswax or lanolin. My philosophy has always been that I want MuLondon products to be pure and safe enough to eat. I only use food-grade ingredients and I purchase only the finest, certified organic raw materials to make yummy MuLondon moisturisers and cleansers. I keep it simple, gentle and effective - as proven by hundreds of amazing customer reviews and all the awards that MuLondon has won. Some of MuLondon's unique products are the "Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser" and the "Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser". Would you rather put something containing "organic rosemary extract" on your skin, or "Acrylater/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer"?

What are in your opinion the three products that everyone should use to achieve healthy, glowing skin?

They're not all necessarily products as such - but here it goes: 

1. Water - and lots of it!
2. Diet - plenty of fresh fruit & veggies.
3. A good, mild moisturiser like MuLondon's "Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary" cream.

Healthy, glowing skin comes from hydration, good diet and gentle skincare products. A positive outlook and exercise help too!
Let's say someone would like to start using natural products. What advice would you give to her/him?

Keep it simple and go easy. Start by changing one product at a time and take some time to research the product and the brand you are considering switching to. The most important thing for me would be to read the ingredient listing on the product, and to try to understand what the product is made of. You should not need a chemist to figure out what's in that jar of cream. Once you enter the world of natural & organic deliciousness, and start experiencing all the amazing ingredients and fragrances, you'll never look back!

What's your philosophy behind beauty?

Simple, mild and effective - without shortcuts. This applies both to the products I use and make, and my philosophy behind beauty. I design MuLondon products to be simple, without any ingredients that do not serve a specific purpose, and at the same time gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. I also believe that beauty is a process that takes time, and quick fixes seldom work. 

If you had to pick only one product that you think everyone needs from your line, which one would it be?

Hm. That's a difficult one, as this does depend a lot on one's personal needs and preferences. I'd say the "Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Moisturiser" - it's packed with 100% organic ingredients. It's light enough for daily use, but protective and healing enough to be applied in case of any skin issues. It gives the skin a subtle rosy glow from the organic rosehip oil, and its all-natural fragrance comes from organic rose otto oil - one of the most precious, luxurious oils in the world. Divine!

I'd also need one of the MuLondon cleansers since they are great multitaskers, ideal for washing the face, hands and body and great as a shaving foam.

Any advice for young aspiring beauticians?

Find a range that you love working with, and both you and the people using it will enjoy. Don't be afraid to use simple natural ingredients like oils, grains, herbs and flowers to make fresh products. Ask questions and learn about the ingredients in the products you use. 

What are your plans for the future?

I'm just in the process of working on some exciting new things that I have in the pipeline for MuLondon for this year. Exciting, top-secret stuff! All I can say at this point is that there will be some new products and other changes across the range. Stay tuned and let me know what you'd like to see via the MuLondon website at and join me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Thank you so much for your time and kindness, Boris, I really appreciate it. 

My pleasure - thank you, Gita! Najlepša hvala! <3

Have you already tried anything from MuLondon? I'll surely purchase more MuLondon's skincare stuff in the near future. How are you leading your green lifestyle? 



  1. Great interview! I love natural products as well. I tends to love oils based products but also water based products such as creams and emulsions. In the later one, it is very essential to use a good preservative to avoid any bacteria growth and so on so forth...

  2. Aaa ta intervju sem pa že predolgo čakala, odličen je! :D Hvala za omembo, you're so sweet!!<3 Oh Boris je super, res najbolj prijazen človek in komaj čakam na te skrivnostne nove izdelke! :D xx

  3. you did such a good job!
    great interview!
    i actually haven't tried anything from MuLondon
    but i really want to give them a try!
    xoxo Rose

  4. Super intervju, sem ga prav z veseljem prebrala od začetka do konca ( kar se pri meni ne zgodi pogosto :D ).
    Sicer še nisem probala niti enega njihovega proizvoda, ampak v prihodnosti definitivno bom, samo ugotovim še kateri bi bil za mojo kožo najboljša izbira :)

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  6. an interesting interview. thank for sharing.

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  8. Wow, amazing interview, as always! That skin care line sounds heavenly :)


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    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

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  11. I must confess that I don't have the most green lifestyle, but this interview kind of conviced me to think about it!
    Great questions Gita :)

  12. Beautiful interview, and definitely looks like something to try! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  13. Must be the hippie in all of us! I've been feeling mother natures pinch, I found a Seattle based duo who produce organic lip balms thingys on Etsy, just placed an order yesterday so super excited to get my blood orange gloss on hahaha! Will check this dude out too!


  14. Love your blog, really interesting and lovely:)
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  15. Hi Gita! Thanks so much for your kind words and great questions. It's lovely to share my views with you and your readers. ♥

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