I love tattoos. I think of them as a form of self-expression, except that they are so much more communal than traditional art. Of course it's kind of a big deal, since the tattooist and the client experience the creation of the piece simultaneously, and the person getting inked entrusts parts of their body to the artist. I decided to trust a part of my body (it was just a wrist, ok, no funky ideas please!) last November to lovely Špela from Tetovarna, whose work I totally dig. She's been running her own tattoo studio Tetovarna for quite a while now and it's über successful. What can I say, the girl's got talent! Wanna get her to know better? You came to the right place, mon ami!

Hi Špela, how are you doing? Could you tell us a bit more about Tetovarna?

Hi :)! I'm great actually, enjoying this time of the year. A bit more about Tetovarna? Tetovarna is my own creation which I'm so proud of. I love my work, so I don't see tattooing as working, because I'm enjoying it so much, more with each day! The only thing that I do see as a part of a usual job is the paper work at the end of the month :).

What got you interested in the ink business, what was the trigger?

I was interested in drawing first, which started to show in my high school years, mostly during my math lessons :). But the one that's "guilty" for the start of my career as a tattooist is my boyfriend. He bought me my first tattoo machine and that made me 100% positive that this is what I want to do in life. Thank you G :)!

How long have you worked as an apprentice?

I was learning all about tattooing for about a year.

All customers probably don't come to you with a very specific, pre-determined design, but have just a vague idea for a tattoo. How do you start developing a tattoo in such cases? What does your creative process looks like?

It's true; many people are confused about what they want. If they already have an idea for what they'd like to have, there's no problem, cause I just start to draw and then hope they'll like my interpretation of the idea - most of them do :)! If they have no idea about what they want, well, that's another story. In that case I tell them to take some time to think about it, if they really want a tattoo, if that's really the right idea... Because at the end, this will be on their bodies forever.

What did your family and friends think about you getting into the tattoo business (moms can be tricky, right)?

I shocked my mum and dad a bit, but it was nothing drastic. My mum just checks my hands every time we see each other; she checks if I practiced on myself :). My granddad asked me if it would not be better to study medicine (go figure, I guess those two fields are the same in his dictionary). My grandmother who's really old didn't even know what I was saying. The other granddad said that this is really great and he totally supports me, but he would be glad if I didn't have any more tattoos on my body :). My friends were quite normal about it as everybody else. See, it was just like it was meant for me to do that :)!

Which part of the tattooing job is your favorite?

When I start my tattoo machine and hear that sound: bzzzz... I just love it :)!

Are there any tattoo artists who significantly influenced your tattooing?

No, not really... I watch other tattoos being made, but I like if my creative mind is not influenced. But of course that's really hard to achieve in any field of art.

Can you tell me a little about the first tattoo you did? Were you scared?

If I knew what a hard time I'd have with that, I'd NEVER start tattooing... I was having a nervous breakdown for 3 days in a row!

What was the craziest experience when you were tattooing somebody? Did anyone freak out just before you started tattooing?

I think the craziest was this first tattoo that I made... There's nothing that can compare to that, for sure :)!

What would you recommend to someone who wishes to start her/his own tattoo business?

Start reading about it, go to tattoo conventions, go to other tattoo artists, keep your friends company when they're getting a new tattoo and draw, draw, draw! And finally, buy your own tattoo machine and start to practice. Practice A LOT!

Špela, thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it! Hope to see you soon ;)!

What about you, do you like tattoos? What's your opinion about them, do you find them cool or weird? And last but not least: do you have any? I'd love to know!



  1. Oh my God, these are like the coolest tattoos I have seen EVER!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. I love tattoos, but I still don't have any and I'm not sure if I ever will. I need to be really certain about what I want :p
    I'd love to see yours :D

  3. I love tattoos. I got my first (really smart heart thing on my shoulder) last summer. Right now I'm thinking about my next tattoo, because I think my shoulder looks pretty boring with just one little heart, but on other hand, I should wait, because I'm young and who knows in which industry I will work in future and how serious my job will be. But maybe it's just a stereotype about that tattoo & work thing.

  4. Obožujem tatuje! Sicer imam raje manjše in ne tistih velikih, ampak vsak ima svoj okus, kajne? Sama imam tattoo na levem zapestju, naredila sem si ga lani maja in po pravici večkrat pozabim, da ga sploh imam. :P

  5. Another killer interview, Gita! Always enjoy reading them. This artist looks incredible! xo


  6. I love tattoos, but don't think I'll ever get one :( I love them on other people though and love helping friends when they are designing their own tattoos.

    Hannah x

  7. super intervjujčk, Špela je res kul, ful jo rada spremljam na instagramu! =)

  8. Carsko, jst tud spremljan mnjen Instagram profil in se počasi opogumljam za svoj prvi tattoo :))

  9. js že vem kje dobim naslednjega, samo še odločit se morem kaj :)

  10. Čeprav Špele in njene Tetovarne osebno ne poznam jo pa spremljam na instagramu je enostavno obožujem! :) z veseljem prebrala vajino druženje :)

  11. No, zdaj se lahko pohvalim, da je ona naredila oba moja tattooja. ;) Res je super! In všeč mi je intervju!

  12. What a great interview! I have always wondered what it would be like to be a tattoo artist! I can only imagine how nerve wracking it would be since you are permanently putting something on someone's body. Perfect :)
    xo TJ

  13. Sama obožujem tatuje in dva od treh mi je ravno Špela naredila. In najbrž mi bo še kakšnega v prihodnosti. :)

  14. I love tattoos! And wait! Did you say you got inked? Back in November! Girl how have I missed this?! Unless I didn't and I am having a seniors brain moment again :o|


  15. I love my tattoo, because it means something. I love that your words capture the essence of that and the beauty behind getting one. Not all tattoos are created equal, but these are definitely works of art!


  16. lovely interview!:) I've learned so many interesting things!♥

  17. lloooooove them :) so pretty !!

    kisses from TheFrenchFries , take a look :)

  18. She is gorgeous and so talented! I loved the dots tattoo on the hands.. so minimalistic and pretty :)
    I love tattoos, got 2, one on my collar bone and other in my back and I just want to get more..
    great interview x

  19. I wish to have tattoo one day! even small one but want it! <3

  20. I don't have any tattoos, but I really like them! <3
    Amazing post!!

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  22. Such a wonderful interview and girrrrl those pictures! Can`t stop admiring your blog, keep going darling!


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