Have you heard of the best Belgian band of these days yet? No? I'm here to help. Meet BRNS - a quartet of oh-so-talented multi-instrumentalists: Antoine, Tim, César, and Diego. With over 200 shows in less than two years they're currently considered as one of the most progressive, independent, highly regarded bands. The guys come from the medieval and postmodern corners of Brussels and deliver a mesmerizing experiment in dusk, dance, and the insanely full sound. Performing at major European festivals such as Rock En Seine or Dour, the band has always been keen to unleash the most sincere and exhilarating energy to crowds. From the visceral and danceable track "Mexico" to the pulsating anthem "Here Dead He Lies" (my absolute fav!), the group is always constant in their ability to unfold haunting ambience into chest-pounding beats.

Hey guys, how's it going? What's on your schedule right now?

We're very fine! We're currently touring Germany and Central Europe. We'll go to Eastern Europe and even Russia in the coming months, if everything goes as planned! And we're happy to play a lot of new songs live, which will be on our first LP coming up at the end of the summer.

First is first: what does BRNS stand for?

At first we were named "Brains". That's what zombies scream in various movies from the 70s and 80s. They actually eat brains to be able to survive. Antoine and Tim watched a lot of these movies when they created the band and this universe is part of our own, too. Later we decided to drop the vowels because we were totally un-googlable. Plus it's a reference to other bands who did that, like MSTRFRFT, PVT, MGMT ... Only some years later. We're a bit late to this trend, which makes us a bit "has been" but we still like it!

Please tell us a bit about your band, how did you all come together? Since when is BRNS rocking it?

The band started in 2010. We were all friends and some of us had small bands together before BRNS. We started to play live in March 2011 and our first EP came out in Belgium around the same time. But we have been touring more intensively since 2012 and the EP came out in the rest of Europe that year too.

Your lyrics are always so much fun, what's the writing process like? What inspires you and makes your imagination run wild?

Lyrics always come last in the writing process. We compose short sequences of music that we put together by copying, cutting, and pasting. Each individual part may be simple but their superposition makes up for something more interesting - at least we hope so! Voices are just another instrument for us. Vocal melodies are put on the music and then we find lyrics which go well with the melody. 

Our lyrics are indeed rooted in a dark and supernatural universe, just like the name of the band. Life after death, tough relationships, abstract and morbid images often appear.

There are many simultaneously cacophonous, catchy and sweet tracks on Wounded. What was the inspiration behind the album?

We are inspired by a lot of different music genres and thus we see no problem mixing noisy and experimental layers with more upbeat and easy listening parts. It's actually the confrontation of contrasting ambiences that we find interesting and that makes our originality.

What three words would you use to describe your music?

Pop, destructurated and percussive.

You've played on lots of festivals so far, so do you prefer festivals or do you aim to be a club band? Do you even care about these kinds of restrictions?

We like small clubs but festivals are always fun to play in too! No matter where we are or what time we play, we will always give the best out of ourselves like there's no tomorrow! But the music we play is maybe more suitable to nighttime than daylight and sunshine.

Does the critical response from the media world in any way affect your creativity and overall state of mind?

Not really. We are of course very happy to have good reviews but we try not to pay much attention to what people say. We have a precise idea of that we want to do and we will follow the path we find is right for us.

Who are your biggest sources of inspiration? Any band you are particularly into at the moment?

We have been inspired a lot by indie and experimental bands from the US, like Menomena, 31Knots, Le Loup, Why? ... We listen to a lot of different bands and music genres going from post- and math-rock to hip-hop, electro ... We discovered Traams (from Brighton) a few months ago and listened a lot to their album, which is really great. They are also really powerful live!

Do you have a favorite memory from the whole musical journey so far? Any regrets?

We played in cities and countries where we had never been before and where we were quite totally unknown, like Bratislava, Tallinn, and Brighton. We received a wonderful response and a really warm welcome from the audience. These gigs are some of the best memories we have! As for the regrets, there are non at the moment!

Thank you guys for your time and answers, see you at the gig!

Their new full length album "PATINE" is set for a late August 2014 release and it's nothing but a confirmation of their hard work and dedication to expanding cool and fresh pop music with a twist. If you wanna check them out live head over to Kino Šiška on 27th of May and remember to party hard!



  1. I'm not sure if it's my type of music, but I loved the explanation behind their name. That's always my favourite thing to read :p

  2. It reminds me of what I like best about Kasabian and Franz Ferdinand. Wonderful read!!! Thank you for turning me on to a new band.

  3. I've never heard about this band before~ but this interview is really interesting! :)

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  4. How exciting that you're getting to do all of these music interviews, Gita! Love the story behind their name :)


  5. Hmmm I'm intrigued. I mean with a cool as f*** name as that! I first read it as burns, but I love the brains more!

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  6. I love when bands put such effort into creating an effective energy for their crowds. Also, good interview! They are right not to listen to what people think of them - if all bands and others in the public eye did that I'm sure they'd be much happier! :)


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