Photography can be viewed as an art, science and practice of making durable images. It sure has tons of purposes, but personally, the element of inspiration is the main thing I look for in photography. My current favs are Sally Mann, Cloudy Rhodes, Brian Caissie, and many, many more. I think I don't have to say how stoked I was when I discovered this young talented photographer, Anže Osterman. Darn, I could stare at his perfectly balanced images for hours. They are so vibrant and vivacious, and they make you want to go on an adventure. Anže is definitely a part of a group I like to call the Generation Restless - artists that never box themselves into one genre or one way doing their stuff, and who openly acknowledge that they have more than just one talent. They get totally immersed into what they do, they're interested in all things creative and are totally dedicated. They're quick, humble, and anything that can be deemed as a cliche is completely irrelevant in their world. Nuff said, meet Anže.

Hi Anže, sup? What's on your schedule at the moment?

Me, my Macbook and an empty glass. A little bit of laziness. The glass is now full and your interview is the next thing that's going down tonight. 

When did you discover your passion for photography and how has it been evolving to the point where it is now?

I opened the Pandora box of photography around 3 or 4 years ago. I was a fat kid without ideals or ambitions. One day I decided that I have to reset my life, and I did. With sports, music and later photography. It just fell from the sky. I'm a visual person, so I can somehow fall in love with light, colors and people that don't even exist. I started seeing the world in a whole new way. Everything is a frame in my mind now - a frame that I can take home with me. If I don't forget to take my camera with me, of course.

What is the focus of your work at the moment?

Currently I'm working on three projects. Skateboarding, dope motorcycles, and kayaking are surrounding me lately. You can see the hard work in things that take time. I have that in my mind all the time, but you'll be the judge of that when I post those photos on my new website.

What were your goals for your photography at the beginning of your career? Have they changed throughout your career?

First year my photography was boring as I was. A bigger picture was hidden behind a big curtain. At that time I didn't understand what can a piece of plastic and glass mean to a person if he puts some emotions and personality into what he's doing. When I started to realize that my goal was only one thing: to meet and take photos of people doing incredible things in their lives. And I'll always have that goal.

It's only natural that style changes over time in every field of art. How has your style evolved from your early shots?

Light, framing, type of subjects, style of storytelling, and communication skills. I created a room in my mind for all of those things. And they are in process all the time. They are changing all the time. When you feel comfortable with something, stick to that something. When not, find that new comfortable something. This is how I'm evolving.

Could you say that the objects of your photography share a common thread?

You can fall in love with all of the objects. Because they are all passionate about something and they all have a story to tell. Maybe I tell a little bit of that story through my photography.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about photography that you're tired of hearing?

Some people think that it's easy to take photos. Well, it is. That's why there's so many pointless stuff on the internet.

You shoot on so many locations - do you maybe have a favorite spot?

I'm still on a search for that favorite spot. Maybe I'll find it somewhere in the West, maybe in the North. Maybe my future garage/man cave will be my favorite spot.

What inspires you and your photography the most?

I find a lot of inspiration in other people. Jim Morrison, Arto Saari, Clint Eastwood etc. Not necessary people connected with photography. Just people that are a little bit different and weird. Music is also a big source of inspiration to me. But the biggest inspiration are those lonely nights.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in photography?

Every time when somebody gives me a compliment about my photography. Not that cliche mumbo jumbo, but when you can feel it in their words that you've inspired somebody.

What's on your playlist this spring/summer?

I really enjoy music that gives you the feeling like you're lying on the porch with your legs on the fence, cigarette in one hand, and cold beer in the other. On the other hand you can feel like that with some Townes Van Zandt, Matt Corby, Kurt Vile, and The Growlers in the background. Every playlist should end with a song from The Doors. You know the song I have in my mind.

I would imagine many peeps starting with photography and asking you for advice. What do you say to them?

Use your camera for expressing your personality. Because then you can start searching for your style and after that the magic happens.

Thanks so much for your time and answers, keep on rockin'!

What about you, are you feeling inspired? I sure want to grab my board and ride it to places I didn't even know existed.



  1. Wow this is so inspiring! I love that he views everything in frames, I can totally relate though I'm more of a hobby shooter rather than actively pursuing photography. I wish I wasn't so lazy and I wish my schedule would permit time for me to just go away and document it all. One day I will, for now I'll live vicariously through this seriously awesome dude. Thanks for the hit up G!

    Love ya long time!

  2. This photos are amazing! I'm in love!!!


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  4. This interview was genuinely interesting, Anze seems undoubtedly sincere and this post has really given me some food for thought. I have been debating upgrading my camera - not for professional reasons, just out of pure enjoyment - and this has been that little shove I was in need of! Thanks!


  5. Wow, seriously inspiring & such beautiful pictures.

    Yasmeen x

  6. aww really amazing pictures~
    thank you for sharing! inspring **

    my blog♥

  7. Some of those pictures are really incredible.
    And I find it so interesting, that he only discovered his love for photography recently. We tend to think that if it is our true passion, we have to have known it since forever. And that's not necessarily true!

    Have an awsome weekend Gita :D

  8. Wow, his photos are amazing and I enjoyed this interview because I got a chance to get to know him a little better :)
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  9. No končno sem našla čas da si v miru preberem tale intrevju. Gita, super napisano, fotke pa tudi neverjetne.. vsakič ko pogledaš zagledaš še neki zanimivega.. Super, oba! :)