I'll admit it: I'm not a big DIY person and besides, I don't have many ideas that would be worth the realization process anyway. I've always adored those who can come up with various ideas and make them happen, regardless of what they focus on: jewelry, clothes, prints, the list could go on. One of those creative people is Damijana who came up with the idea of making cool personalized labels via the web. Originally a graphic designer, her cute fresh company, Bit Labels, was founded not that long ago and all the labels are truly a delight to look at.

So, what exactly does the Bit Labels company do? You can create your own personalized labels on the web by following just a few very simple steps. Easy-peasy and super fast. Labels are perfect for numerous occasions: weddings, anniversaries, receptions, baby showers, birthdays or any other event that seems important to you. What's better than putting your own words and pictures on an elegant custom-designed label and making your special event even more personalized? Just imagine all your homemade products looking cool and carrying your own personal touch.

I wanted to get to know Damijana better, so I asked her to answer a few questions about her promising company.

How did you get the idea for making personalized labels?

The idea is a result of a natural flow of my interests and hobbies. Initially I was doing some graphic design work and lately I have been more and more intrigued by the online marketing and wished to open my own online store. I like the challenge that comes along with it. While I was fishing for ideas, I figured I wouldn't like to have agents who would get me products, materials ... but would much rather create something on my own. Creativity is my motivation and vice versa. You ask, why labels? I honestly haven't seen many selling online, at least not in Europe ... In the future, I might also add other products that you'll be able to personalize too. Let's say invitations ...

How did the process from the idea to the realization look like? Any struggles?

Bit Labels is still developing and will continue to do so. Any successful business calls out for constant adaptations, optimizations, new creations; and last but not least, keeping up with trends takes quite some energy, too. Online shoppers are a demanding group to please. If you can't adapt, you quickly lose them; there are too many similar options they can get elsewhere. All who run online stores know that putting one together is the least of worries. Yes, of course it takes time and energy. If you have good IT people at hand, than half of the work is done. Once everything stands in place, the work starts, especially if you're new at this. Many assume that once the page is up, the orders will start to flow in. Unfortunately it isn't so. Digital marketing consumes most of my time at the moment, it's a never ending process as it constantly grows and demands different approaches. I teamed up with a friend who enjoys blogging, so we goof around with homemade creations and try to attract as many customers to my page as possible...

What does in your opinion make a good label design?

Packaging and labels are the necessary factor in selling products, because they also help the buyer to decide whether to make a purchase. A good label makes the product attractive to the potential buyers to pick it out of the jungle of options. Into the making of one goes a thoughtful consideration of color combinations, graphics, fonts ... and let's not forget that the text needs to be clearly visible and easy to read; the label needs to be proportional to fit the product (all of that can later be adapted to buyer's wishes); the materials need to be of good quality, print needs to be precise and finished ...

What can folks do with your labels?

I encourage everyone to make their own products (if they only have the means of doing so), and follow my blog for some ideas. Once you put so much effort into making your own products, you should add them a proper label, because I think it's a lovely finishing touch to your handmade items, for example home baked products, wines, home brewed beer and other drinks, bath and body products ... Labels are also perfect for anniversaries, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthdays, and other events.

Thanks Damijana, keep up the amazing work!

I'm now slowly but surely feeling the urge to put labels on everything. Just wait and see - it won't be long until you see me labeling my toothbrushes and bobby pins. Everything deserves to have a Bit Label on it #fangirling. Oh, and don't forget to check out the Bit Labels blog where you'll sure find tons of admirable ideas: how to make homemade lavender syrup or soap, lemon sugar scrub, and many, many more.



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