I love receiving postcards from friends who are exploring or just vaca'ing around the globe. You know, the old-fashioned postcards? C'mon, I know y'all still remember those! I can still recall how I was hectically writing down addresses of all my school mates right before the summer holidays started. Ah, good old days. But while I was looking to buy some postcards on my latest travel, the selection of those was really, really poor. It was such a sad sight! I mean, I was in this beautiful picturesque village in Lanzarote and there was only a pitiful selection of old, sun-drained, extremely boring postcards. I'm well aware of the fact that we live in the web era when postcards are so last decade, but that's certainly a poor excuse for not preserving an old-school habit that can warm your heart. That's why I was so happy to discover the Kards Design, which is a collaborative project founded by two lovely and very creative girls. They came up with a brilliant idea of producing interactive postcards, so both the sender and the receiver are able to interact with them in lots of different ways. Oh, and the designs are very beautiful as well. Want to know more? Read on and meet Léa and Melissa.

Hi Léa and Melissa, how are you doing? Can you tell us a wee bit about yourself?

Oh, we are above great let's say! Well, Melissa is from Canada (Thunder Bay) and Léa is from France (Bordeaux), and we are both studying the European master in Tourism Management program, which takes us to a new country every semester. We have been to Kolding (Denmark) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) so far. We are soon starting our new semester in Girona (Spain).

How did your paths cross?

We started studying our masters last September and the university in charge of housing put us in the same house. So not only were we studying and living together, but we were also hanging out together (we can't help but want to go to the same places!). We thought it would be nice to change flatmates and asked for separate rooms in Ljubljana, but the university put us in the same room again! It seems that we are just meant to live together.

How did you come up with the idea about Kards Design?

We were having coffee in rainy Gothenburg on a Sunday afternoon (as a weekend getaway from Kolding) when we had the idea to design new postcards for the city. We found that the postcards were old and collecting dust, so we decided to reach out to local design students and see if they would be interested in working together to create new ones. And that's how it all started! We like the idea that Kards will be flying all around the globe and decorating your walls.

What is the essence of Kards?

Kards is a project that aims to create interactive postcards on many levels: between local artists, designers, and anyone with a creative soul interacting with their city, with us and with tourists. We want them to show their vision of the city beyond the main tourist attractions. We also want to support the local community through tourism by promoting the artists and selling the cards in local stores. The interaction element can also be found in the cards themselves because they are meant to be played with. This can be done by folding, connecting the dots, checking different things and so on... We want people to have fun with the creative process in sending and receiving them, or even enjoying them at home just for themselves.

Do you work together on new designs or do you develop them individually?

We have always worked on it together. Of course we get our own ideas, but we always share them with each other and develop them together. It's more efficient, but mostly it's more fun! We usually get ideas for concepts and see how they can be materialised with the artists that we work with. We are always open for other ideas and inspirations!

Tell us more about your creative process. Where do you get your dose of inspiration and how does your journey towards the final product look like?

We usually get ideas in the middle of the night (true story!), or in some random moment when we least expect it. From the moment we get an idea, we first discuss it; see how it can be designed, how it can be optimized, and how it could appeal to both tourists and locals. We then bring the idea forth to our designers and see how they interpret it within their own process of design and how they feel the idea can be materialised. It's fun to see different ideas grow and develop through these sessions with designers. We always try to approach the design of the cards from this overall theme of interactions but it has been interesting to see how this concept has changed for us throughout the project.

You also collaborate with other designers. What kind of qualities are you looking for in people that you work with?

Actually, anyone can. We are looking for people who want to share how they see their cities, and not just through the touristic monuments, but through whatever the city feels like to them. We like the idea that you don't need to have a specific talent to be creative!

Where can we find Kards?

In Ljubljana, Kards can be found in Trgovina Ika, but we are still waiting for more stores to take them in! They can also be purchased online with a short e-mail to To see the full collection, go to or check out our Facebook page!

Thank you, Léa and Melissa!

So, what do you say? I'll definitely look for the Kards Design postcards next time I'm travelling somewhere around Europe. They definitely bring back the tradition of sending postcards with a modern and personalized twist. Good job, Kards Design!



  1. Postcards are always the best! I couldn't agree with you more :)

  2. I really believe that we shouldn't loose the magic of postcards (I honestly thought about that on my vacation in Odeceixe), even though I haven't written one for years!!
    So it seems an awsome project to me :p

  3. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Great post, thanks for sharing - always love receiving a postcard in the mail, always a great surprise! :)

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts:


  4. r: ahaha, you made me laugh!
    Your comments are always SO cool! I love the way you talk/write, Gita!! Seriously :)


  5. <33333 I love this interview!
    great article

  6. Love this one. You always upload so interesting articles darling girl.
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  8. I love postcards! I wish I had more friends who are inclined to put pen to card while vacationing. I used to always send them when I was little, actually the last ones I ever sent where from Hong Kong! That was about 7 years ago I think, you know before FB and the Internet shiz. Postcard pictures are always so bloody daggy but that's what I love about them. Retro-ness!

    I'm sorry G, its been ages since I came here (bad blogger buddy I am)