I've read somewhere that bag design is one of the fastest growing areas of fashion. Could be, but surely not all bags are so fantastic like the one I'm gonna talk about today. I've been all about comfort and practicality lately. I'm telling you people, handbags that can be made into rucksacks are a friggin gift sent from heaven! So, in that spirit, let's talk about today's interview with the Nomadka team. People responsible for this nomadic geniousness are Urška and Mihael, a pair who sure know how to efficiently work together and produce epic ideas. The name Nomadka derives from the word "nomad", that's a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another. This sweet little bag is made for active and spontaneous people who value products that can continuously fit to their needs. It successfully combines ease of use, tough materials, protection from the unexpected, and aesthetic perfection, which all in all represents an indispensable element of a full and active life. I love their bags because they're totally appropriate just for strolling around the city attending to everyday errands and at the same time carry all important stuff you need during your work/Uni day. It also has the "convert to backpack" option for easier bicycle rides or if you get tired of carrying your bag on one shoulder only. Want more? No problem; you can even go hiking with it! Find more about it through the Q&A's below.

Oh, I decided to add a little "getting personal" column at the end of the interview, so you can get to know the main people behind the Nomadka brand a bit better - hope you'll like it!

Hi Urška, would you please give us a quick history lesson about your life?

I grew up in a small village near Jesenice (Slovenia). Despite me having the passion for fashion, I went to secondary school of economics in Radovljica. I continued my studies in Ljubljana University where I studied graphics. But in the middle of my study, I changed my mind and decided to take entrance exams for fashion. I passed with good points so I switched.

In the meantime I was working a lot of side jobs to pay the rent in Ljubljana. One of those turned into a full time job after my college years. At the time it felt like a dream job, working in design and fashion studio right across the street where I lived. It proved too good to be true and I lost it right when the economic crisis started.

I felt the urge to self employ and to make something on my own. I came up with the design and prototype for Nomadka bag but it took a while before anything really started going on as I had trouble keeping ends meet with part time jobs. Then I met Miha and with two people working on the same project, it started moving on.

What exactly is Nomadka?

Nomadka is a life companion, designed to suit its owner in all aspects. That means combining sturdy composition with practicality and aesthetic looks. Water resistant linen and strong cotton straps, ability to change from bag to backpack and clean design that nicely rounds up any style.

Single color, two pockets and natural washable material. Design that completes one more goal: sustainability.

Simple bag, for morning coffee and documents you need at work or a backpack for easier bicycle commute with enough space to complete a quick grocery stop and hey, you can always go hiking with it!

What was the inspiration behind designing your bag? 

I like bikes (especially racing bikes). My aim was to design a product that would fulfil my need of a good looking bag that I can have for a long time and that is comfortable when I ride my bike. That means a bag that can be transformed into a backpack so my bike rides would be safe and there would be nothing on my arm that would throw me off balance.

Nomadka is surely quite original, in my opinion it's a product like no other. How do you manage to stay unique?

Luckily I am a girl with a large number of hobbies and interests and a creative mind as well. The hobbies and interests give me the chance to find the needs that are not yet fulfilled and my creative mind solves the puzzle.

So all I have to do to stay unique is to nurture the curious and restless part of my being and don’t let it get lazy or sleepy :).

Nomadka is indeed a very versatile and customisable bag. Was that something you planned from the beginning? On which (different) occasions would you use it?

I like practical things. For me good design is (apart from visual pleasantness) when it fulfils at least two different needs.

Even if the bag wasn’t a planned project from the start it was no surprise that the first product I presented to the market was so versatile.

I use my bag in a couple of different occasions. I use it everyday when I go to work, it is my essential when I go travel or when I visit the seaside. I use it for different sports: gym, cycling, climbing and dancing lessons. I even used it on a couple of more fancy events.

Why are sustainable practices so important to you?

I think we live in a world that is filled with shapes, cheap images, dull patterns and dispensable packaging…

We came to the point when reducing these ends up being the necessary step in design. And by reducing I mean designing a product that is durable, timeless and can replace more unnecessary things. I think the world would be a much nicer place with less stuff, less trash and less pointless shopping.

Why did you decide to start designing bags instead of clothing or any other apparel product?

I actually did design some upcycled and practical clothing but products were not developed to the point where they would be suitable for the market yet, just for the presentation on the show.

It's easier to design and develop a bag to the point where its commercially viable as their usability is more general and they can appeal to bigger public than specific clothes. I have many ideas for the clothing and other apparel but development of each takes time.

What can we look forward to from Urška Petrič in the future? What would be the ultimate goal for your brand?

As I said before: there are lots of unfinished prototypes, ideas that need to be refined and material to work with.

For now we are planning to launch the leather version of Nomadka at the end of 2014. In the beginning of 2015 we will be working on a "sportier" version of Nomadka. And for summer 2015 there is a whole new product coming out. All I can say for now is that it retained similar idea of practicality but it will be a more fashionable piece.

Ultimate goal for the brand would be a range of products that encapsulate the same mission: to fulfil more than one need, timeless aesthetic, durability and likeability for quite a range of customers.

How can people get a hold of Nomadka bag?

Since we just started our project, we don’t have the proper online shop yet. For now, Nomadka can be ordered via email ( We hope to put our online shop up as soon as possible.


Favourite pastime activity?

Can’t decide between cooking and cycling.

How would you describe your personal style?

Multi practical :)

Favourite vacation spot?

Stara Baška on island Krk in Croatia.

Favourite movie?

Cartoon Ratatouille.

Favourite book?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by M. Kundera

First thing you do in the morning?

Drink coffee and shower.

Last thing you do before bed?

Make a to-do for the next day.

What are you obsessed with at the moment?


Personal motto?

Don’t dumb yourself down for the comfort level of others.

What would be your dream job?

To develop Studio Nomadka from a small project into a successful family business.

What are your thoughts on Nomadka, do you dig the idea and design? I sure do. I can't wait to see how the leather Nomadkas will look! Urška and Mihael have also already collected some pretty cool awards + you can check their work out at Blickfang (the international design exhibition for interior, fashion and jewellery in various European cities), at East London Design Show, and at the Month of Design in Ljubljana (until the 6th of November). 



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