Do you love accessories and also consider what's best for our mother nature? If the answer is "Yeah", this giveaway will be perfect for you. I've already done the interview with the owner of 3 Ptice shop, Anita, which you can read right here. She's a girl with her head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground that believes in the DIY approach and supporting local economy. You can also find the products of this creative spirit on Etsy and, on a more personal note, over on her blog, Instagram and Twitter account. I know you'll make her super happy if you'll subscribe to her mailing list – Slovenian readers can do that here and international readers here. So, who likes the 3 Ptice brand philosophy? Mostly people who know their game and are ready to change the rules so that everybody wins. People with revolutionary spirit that will start the revolution with themselves first.

Anita is giving away one of her awesome tote bags with the saying I like the most: "This ain't no time to sit around cryin' like a bunch of pussies!"

Anita was inspired to make this tote bag by the movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (also nominated for 4 Oscars). When she heard the quote, she immediately stopped the movie and wrote it down. It was the perfect one to put it on one of her tote bags! Even the producers of the movie loved the bag and ordered one to their office on 5th Avenue, New York. Pretty cool, huh?!

Who will love this bag? Artists, activists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, travellers, idealists – people who make the shit happen and don't just complain about their lives. The bag is hand stamped with textile colors, you can wash it in a washing machine (at 30°C) and iron it. It comes in a standard tote bag size and it will last you for ages! Of course, it's completely made from Slovenian products.

So let's get down to business. The giveaway will be open internationally till the next Saturday, the 29th of November. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, the 30th of November and wait for 48 hours for the winner's answer. If I won't get it, another one of you will be randomly picked. To enter the giveaway all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form. First two entries are mandatory while the optional ones will give you more chance to win.

Good luck!


PS: You can buy this little gem of a bag here (for international readers) and here (for Slovenian readers).


  1. Super cool giveaway! I would want to have this bag because the text on it is something that sounds like myself! And I've to mention that this bag have great design.. :)

  2. I want to get shit done :D!


  3. This bag is perfect because it brings a smile to my face, every single time.

  4. Ta torba je zakon! :) Spodbuja samozavest in voljo, da moramo tudi v hudih trenutkih ter pri padcih vseeno ostati pogumni, narediti nekaj zase in se ne smiliti sami sebi! ✔✔

  5. ker bi jo rada nekomu podarila - svojo že imam, d0h! ;)

  6. Ta torba je zame popolna, ker sem največji cry-baby na Zemlji and it would make a good pick-me-up. :D xx