Remember Pirate Piška? I did an interview with Tjaša, the main girl behind the brand, quite a while ago. This time she's back and she's rad! For those of you who don't know Pirate Piška yet: she's basically a big ball of creative talent. She's a whiz at capturing cool creatures and images and later whipping them into clever designs. The array of Pirate Piška products ranges from T-shirts, tote bags, backpacks and badges to stickers. She's just released a little new collection called Girls Gang and guess what? It's amazeballs and I simply gotta post about it. Continue reading to see what Tjaša's got to say about the latest gang in town.

Scooping the inspiration for Girls Gang ...

I'm not sure, but I think it all started with one particular song I came across after many years, that is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill. Since I've been a fan of Kathleen Hanna for such a long time, that led me to start thinking about grrrl riot scene that started to rise in early 90's and again in recent years. Many things have such a strong influence on me, especially all this raw energy, punk attitude and the urge to do things, and you know, beside all that stuff, girls should really stick together rather than being each other's enemies. Really.

What pieces can we find in the GG collection?

Girls Gang Forever collection consists of two T-shirts: one is more feminine (white with neon pink print) and the other a little bit more masculine (black with white print). Both feature unisex shapes 'coz I like more loose T-shirts. I totally dig a loose T-shirt with tight jeans look, which is in my opinion just the opposite from any polished look.

Photo: Maja Willow
Girls Gang is not just a label!

So after a while Girls Gang collection became so much more than just screen printed T-shirt, it really became a personal project, a homage to all riot babes, strong heroines, loud female vocalists and comic book characters I grew up with. After the collection was released, I made a Girls Gang inspired playlist of bands I like. I also dig a little bit further and found some I didn't know before, so it's always this constant search of new things and that usually opens a whole range of things that inspire me. I'm also making a fanzine, a collage of photos made for Girls Gang lookbook, black'n'white movies, and illustrations. Fanzine will be made like a letter to my younger self. It's going to be fun and therapeutic to me at the same time, but hey, that's really what art is all about.

Like I always say: Nothing is forever, but the rebel spirit we carry inside should never die!

What do you think, guys? Are you as thrilled about it as I am? I can't help it, Pirate Piška is deeply anchored in my heart. FOREVER! You can get your Girls Gang goodiez at the Pirate Piška shop



  1. I'd definitely be proud to wear one of those <3

  2. These t-shirts looks super cool, I need one! Also playlist is full of great music!!

  3. Looks like such a fun label! Those necklaces are amazing! xo