2014 RECAP

Every single year deserves a little recap. I won't talk too much about it and I promise I won't nag with any new year's resolutions. 2014 was fun, exciting, sad, very disappointing at times, but mostly educational. I've learned to work hard for things that I'm passionate about, to stay true to myself, to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone, and to be grateful for all positive and constructive people that surround me. I met tons of amazing and inspiring people, I was rocking myself out at some brilliant gigs, I also travelled around a bit and all in all had quite a bit of fun!

Folks that inspired me the most (thank you!)

Musicians I got the opportunity to interview and whose tunes tingled my ears
Nate Wooley
Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten

Trips that gave me precious memories

Fun stuff that made my study life bearable

I want to thank you, my dear readers, for all the support and love throughout this year. You motivate me and give meaning to my work. I'd like to hug each and every one of you, *insert interweb hugging here*! For 2015, I wish you lots of adventures, peace of mind, love, and happiness. Don't let the negative vibez get to you and stay true to yourself. Let's make the best of it!



  1. What a beautiful re-cap! It's always a pleasure stopping by your blog. All the very best to you in 2015! xo


  2. *huggggggggs* to you too G. 2014 sucked major balls so here's to a FABULOUS 2015 (or else *waves fist in air menacingly*). Wishing you all the very best for the New Year filled with more awesome and inspiring people and gigs and HEAPS of positive vibes, energy and light to you my love.


  3. Staying true to ourself is the only thing we should really do!

    Wishing you and Odds & Ends all the best in the new year!

    Sending you a big hug and planning, we will finally meet!!!


  4. Tvoje leto zgleda po fotografijah sodeč fantastično! Drgač pa fino zapisano! Tudi sama bi rekla nekako takole: 2014 was fun, exciting, sad, very disappointing at times, but mostly educational. (:

    Naj bo naslednje leto polno norih, zabavnih, lepih presenečenj!

  5. You just keep doing your own thang, babe! :)) xx

  6. Seems like this year's balance is positive afterall! And look and those pictures from your trips :o

    Have an amazing new year babe! (Hugging you back :p)

  7. <3 Vse lepo tudi tebi! Naj bo 2015 top leto.