I've been developing a soft spot for video making lately. Hanging on Vimeo for a couple of hours straight, drooling over perfectly filmed random videos? Yep, that's my thing. "If I'd only have the GoPro 4, everything would be so much easier", I often think to myself. Ridiculously wrong thinking. You must actually have a talent and tons of ideas to be doing these kinds of things. And no, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat do not count. I happen to know some folks who know a thing or two about photography and video making. They're called OSM films and consist of Tina, Blaž, and their faithful feline companion, Muna. Once a hobby, video making and photography later developed into a successful small business. Their film-making progressed quite rapidly and has so far included epic personal stories and transformations of everyday events (happening mostly in nature) into beautiful and inspiring short movies. It's their production aesthetic and storytelling style that gets me every time. Without further ado, meet the OSM people (and a cat).

Hi Tina, Blaž and Muna, how are you doing? Any New Year's resolutions you'd like to share with my readers?

Hi Gita, we're great, thank you! New Year's resolutions ... There are many. We would like to film as much as we can, that's probably the biggest wish. That's why we have decided to do another big project – to make and show you one video every week until the end of the year. It's called OSM minutes of 2015 and we made two videos so far. We really hope to make something OSM this year, to travel a bit, meet OSM people, cycle more, take more photos, laugh a lot and just be OSM.

Let me name a few things that you do: script writing, video production, video making, post production, photography. Kudos! Where did all of this creative energy come from? How did it all start?

From everywhere! You know that feeling when you are driving somewhere and listening to your favorite music ... And you just feel free and full of some weird but amazing feelings? That's probably this energy. And of course this strong wish to be a part of the incredible film industry. It just doesn't want to go away ... To explore, learn, grow and improve while making something that may last forever, such as video or photography, is just priceless.

And this is probably how everything started. When we first met we started talking about our favourite films. Blaž was already into video because he studied it, while for me it was more of a hobby kind of thing. We made a video or two and decided to go further. To create OSM things and videos. With our first photo project #365.memories. we tried to learn everything about photography that can simultaneously be useful for filming. We also wanted our brand OSM films to become recognizable. Everything else that came along was more organic. All of the ideas often come naturally from everywhere, just like the energy that we talked about before.
At which point did you decide to establish the OSM films?

When we realized we want to do it for the rest of our life. We want this hobby to become our job. We want to wake up in the morning, pack our things and go on the set. We want to create and embrace everything and revive it in a video.

Each and every video of yours takes us to a different place, carries a special message, and instantly puts us in a particular state of mind. You're obviously great at storytelling, but how do you do it? Do you just go out and let the story/message find you?

It's nice to hear that, thank you Gita. Well, it's not that easy for us. The storytelling is one of the things we pay the most attention to. We are constantly learning about it. The video gets even better if the story is great, of course, and that's why we are often critical when the video is done, not just about the shots or editing and colouring, but the storytelling.

Sometimes the story or the idea comes to us from nowhere, while sometimes we are searching for it and brainstorming.

What's your favourite piece of recording equipment? What about editing tools?

Since we have a new photo camera, Sony a7s is our new best friend. Otherwise we have and use what we need. At the end of the last year we have bought a gimbal, which seems really useful and we use it instead of Steadicam. Of course tripod, slider and another camera Canon 5D Mark III are a must as well.

For editing we are using Adobe Suite, mostly Premiere, After Effects and Speed Grade, for photos Lightroom and  Photoshop.

In the past, video production was very restricted to people who had access to quite expensive equipment and proper know-how, so the emergence of more accessible equipment, tools and also video web services such as Youtube definitely revolutionized this artistic area. Video is obviously brought to the masses and it has resulted in an overflow of very diverse (and of course a lot of low quality) video projects and channels. Do you think this video-making-frenzy will continue to develop and eventually wipe out other (social) networks? Or at least other channels for conveying artistic messages? If yes, why?

There are great things that are developing this way. We won't forget the letter that Martin Scorsese wrote to his teenage daughter and said that the future for the film will be bright. "Because for the very first time in history of the art form, movies really can be made for very little money.” We all have an opportunity to film something, the imagination is infinite.  Thanks to the internet we have channels to show it, but we think there are channels where you can put everything up (a lot of low quality videos) and there are channels with breathtaking videos. People still respect good quality products so we think we don't need to worry about other (social) networks or channels to wipe out. Everything finds its own place.
How important are the audiences' feedback and collaborations with different people in the process of creating videos?

It's very important to us. The energy comes from audience as well. We love and we are glad if we get any feedback, good or bad. Honestly, bad is probably more important and meaningful, because we appreciate if they tell us what doesn't feel good in the video or a photo so we can do it better next time and improve ourselves. It's the same with collaborations. They are very welcomed – with different people come different ideas, points of view, advices...

Do you believe that technology can create positive changes in the world?

If we are able to use it properly in a positive way, then probably yes.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start making videos or work in the creative industry?

Explore, search, look, listen, learn, work, work harder, make, create.

If you could shoot a short film about any person (past or present), who would it be?

Haha, that's a tough question! Hm, let us think ... You should ask us this next week. No, seriously. There are so many amazing people with OSM story to tell that we just can't decide. And we were thinking about it the whole day!

Thank you so much for your time, much appreciated! Stay OSM!

Do you guys ever get the urge to try out your video making skills? The idea totally excites me, although I really don't have the slightest clue about cameras. But Tina and Blaž have invited me to come and check out their studio, which I'm pretty excited about, plus I'm sure I'll learn something new! And that little ball of fluff is gonna get some serious cuddles. Muna, watch your furry ass. Also, check out their Facebook page to keep up with the OSM stuff they make, or pay them a visit on Instagram.


* All of the photos are from OSM films #365 photo project from last year.


  1. I don't have a single doubt that you'll be great at video making. You have a great sense of aesthetics Gita :)

  2. great interview!:) I just checked out their website and the videos are truly amazing!:)

  3. I love their videos. I've seen a few on FB that you've shared and they just make magic. They've even inspired me to delve into filmmaking, someday but I doubt I'll get anywhere near as epic as they do for a while yet hehehe!


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