A little Serbian brand called WishboneMM caught my eye because of its distinctive goth and slightly hard core illustrations. Its owner Marina is an architecture student and an illustrator who has great passion for what she does. She used to frantically draw Mufasa from Lion King as a little kid and her obsession with illustration continued to this day. Her fascination with cute cartoon characters later developed into anatomically correct hearts, teeth, knifes, and various animals which she also prints on t-shirts, patches, and stickers. Needless to say she's mostly inspired by nature, the cycle of life, and her own broad imagination. Girl's got big dreams as she wants to become a tattoo artist and it's just a matter of time when she'll turn those dreams into reality. Meet Marina, the girl behind WishboneMM.

Hi Marina, how are you? What was in your dreams last night?

Hi! I'm good. I really can't remember what was in my dreams, I usually forget what I was dreaming about! :)

Why did you want to become an illustrator in the first place and what motivates and drives you in your work?

Ever since I was a little kid I was interested in art and so all I wanted to do was draw. I find motivation in nature, life, and death. You can find all these motives in my art :).

What does WishboneMM stand for?

MM in the "wishbone" are my initials, Marina Maric.

You also have a clothing brand. What inspired you to start it?

I first started with making patches. People really liked them and were quite interested in them so I decided to expand my line of products. I began with making tote bags and t-shirts, and that was the time when WishboneMM was born :).

How involved are you in the whole designing process? Could you lead us through some of the important steps when producing something like a T-shirt?

Sure. When I have the design done I scan it and send it to a friend who has a printing company. He then makes the preparations and screen prints the shirts, patches, etc.

Are there any aspects of your life that you try to capture in your work?

Most of all I just want to capture my imagination :).

What would be your ultimate goal as an illustrator/artist?

My ultimate goal is to become a tattoo artist, which will be very soon!

Do you remember the first thing you obsessively drew, painted or sketched over and over again?

Yes, I do. The first thing I obsessively drew was Mufasa from Lion King, when I was in kinder garden. I loved that kind of movies as a kid!

Could you let us in on some of the frustrations behind your work? Which parts do you find most annoying?

I find it most annoying when people on some social media re-blog my artwork and write down that they are going to tattoo it. I know I can't control all that and even if they'd asked me first I would be cool with that.

What (or who) are your inspirational influences?

My inspirational influences are Francico de Goya, his graphics mostly, and nature, life, death. 

What would be your #1 art tip or words of wisdom to an aspiring young artist?

Just draw and always work on yourself and your special talent. Try to be the best you can be. Not for others, but for yourself.

What is your spirit animal?

An otter!

What was the best thing that happened to you this year? Any New Year's resolutions?

The best thing that happened is that I have really grown as an artist and I found my style. I also plan to continue with this work and better myself in the next year :).

Thanks Marina, I appreciate it!

If you're also a fan of somewhat dark illustrations with gloomy twists, you can learn more about Marina over on her FB WishboneMM page or check out her products at her Etsy shop.



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  2. I think I'd be frustrated too if people just went and tattoo my work without saying anything :/

  3. Loved this post, great interview. So inspiring! :)

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  5. LOVE!!! When are you teaming up for a give away with this brand??? I must get my hands on some. Hell, I think she will have to bring her tattoo work to the states!

    Great Interview, as always.

    1. I think you should shoot her a message: :)!
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