Daniel Santalla is a young photographer from Ferrol (Spain) with an unstoppable appetite for photography, people and life in general. He started capturing moments two years ago and is now more in love with this hobby than ever. Daniel's brother is studying photography, so the tendency to flow in that direction was more and more appealing to him and in the end almost inevitable. He sees his work as a pleasant mixture of feelings covered in serenity and overall calmness; hence he strives to project that idea in his photography as much as possible. The connection between the things he sees and how he subjectively perceives them is really important to him, so he tries to emphasize elements like simplicity, spontaneity, and coolness, all bathing in diverse and soothing light effects. Enjoy a delightful trip to Daniel's peaceful sceneries.

Hi Daniel, nice to have you here! What have you been up to this spring?

Hello! It's a pleasure to answer your questions! Spring is a little delayed here in my city, but the earlier sunrise encourages me to take out my camera and capture these beautiful spring moments more often. I'm currently working on a small exhibition which will be released soon – hopefully later in April. I also have several photography sessions with babies, children, and couples. Apart from that I'm working with local brands and friends in various projects, so I'm very excited about how everything is going so far.

Would you please tell us a bit about your background?

It's been just 2 years since I started to devote my time to photography professionally, so I don't have that much to tell. So far, everything has been going really well. My first exhibition was in 2014 and the second one last February, which was quite well received by the audience, so I was really happy about it. I'm also very glad that I've had several opportunities to give interviews on both local and international level. It's incredible!

Your creative outlet lies in the field of photography. When did you start snapping photos?

I started 2 years ago, and it was quite unexpected. My brother is a photographer, so I also started to take the camera with me more frequently, taking photos, capturing moments and images that conveyed my feelings and perceptions of my surroundings. And in doing so, I of course started to feel more and more confident.

Are there any specific themes that you try to pass on trough your photographs? What feeds those themes?

I try to capture human beings and their relationships or just simple interactions with others. The nature and landscapes around me are also a source of inspiration, as well as the simplicity of numerous different objects. I think that the bucolic (rustic, idyllic) feel is one of the main features of my work.

In what ways has your style changed since your earliest shots?

I think I have been myself from the beginning and I think I improved since then. Maybe the tones I use now represent the way of being and feeling better than they did in the start.

Do you have a piece (or a project) you worked on that you're most proud of?

Yes, it was the last exhibition under the title "Mirei lonxe para recollerme por dentro" – I'm so proud of that project! Not only of my photography, but also of my 2 colleagues who were my photography partners and also best friends. My partner did some precious texts that accompanied the photographs really well. A friend also made a video about my work as a photographer and that was very exciting.

If every photograph should contain one essential element, what would that be?

I would point out three characteristics that are important to me: simplicity, tranquility and naturalness.

What do you believe in?

I believe in passion and love that we put in things. I also believe in trust between people and nature, because it gives me strength and inspiration.

You can explore Daniel's work at his Flickr and Facebook page.



  1. This is so great! There is something very natural about Daniel's photographs...and something very soothing as well. I do like the photos of nature...and the two nudes are really wonderful. I bet that last exhibition of his was an interesting one!

  2. Such beautiful photos! Love the lighting and the natural subjects. Great feature, as always! xo


  3. What a happy accident to stumble upon. And what a talented eye. Thanks for sharing these works G and for the awesome accompanying interview.


  4. r: THANK YOU so much babe! You really made me smile with your comment <3