Eva Mlinar is a Slovenian artist extraordinaire. I've seen her work, which mainly includes illustrations, paintings and collages, in various publications and I was always enchanted by her imagination. Eva is currently a graduate student of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, plus she already has a degree in the History of Art. She's currently most active in the field of graphic design, but drawing and painting have always been two of her biggest passions. Eva is convincingly transforming reality into multiple worlds of dreams, fantasies and solitude. The majority of her characters are mysterious and timeless and they speak languages of passion, desires, melancholy, and fear. One could also say she simply loves getting lost in the realm of fantasies and that some of her images even mock reality and everyday logic. Enough with the facts and descriptions, let's get to the interview. I didn't want to do another classic text interview with Eva, so I've decided to ask her for an illustrated one – a very first one on Odds & Ends! To my delight, Eva was immediately up for the challenge and the game was on! After I've received her illustrated answers, there was only one thought going through my mind: Eva is awesome. I can't really express how honored I am about her effort and time that she had put in these illustrations. Seriously, I was speechless when I received her e-mail! Kick back and enjoy these superb illustrated answers. 

What was your first thought this morning?

What does your job look like?

What's your most recent hobby?

What makes you smile the most?

If you could have coffee with someone from the past, who would that be?

What's your guilty pleasure?

Thank so much for your beautifully pictured answers, Eva!

You can take a look at her amazing work on her Facebook page, Behance and Saatchi Art.



  1. Such adorable, whimsical illustrations- so fun! The artists you feature are always ultra cool, Gita! xo


  2. So cool!

  3. I like this! Such a cool way to do an interview.

    Plus, birdwatching and learning Arabic are the perfect esoteric combination of hobbies. :-)

  4. She's definitely awsome, but so are you babe! What an incredible idea. And Eva totally stood up to the challenge :)