Jimena Moreno is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Mexico City. Art has always played a big part in Jimena's life since her brother was a painter. Maybe that's also one of the reasons why she later graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). She likes to think about the process of drawing as the meeting point of her eyes, hand and mind. Her work is mainly focused on the use of a simple black line, because she considers it to be the most spontaneous and direct medium for creating sharp and strong images. She also enjoys working with Indian ink, watercolors and markers. Many of her pieces are inspired by forms that we find in nature and our bodies. Lately she's been experimenting with embroidery and she says that she loves the results. Sit back, relax, and enjoy her adorable perky illustrations!

What was your first thought this morning?

What does your job look like?

What's your most secret habit?

If you could have coffee with someone from the past, who would that be?

What makes you smile the most?

You can find out more about Jimena on her official web page or head over to Facebook



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